Hairloss in Your 20s and 30s

It used to be only older males who came in for hair loss treatment, but now people in their 20-30s make up half of the clientle at my Damo Hair Loss Clinic. However, male pattern hair loss can start any time after puberty. Once the testosterone level increases, the probability of losing hair also increases.

Previously, it was thought that hair loss was genetically passed down to every other generation. Others thought it was only inherited from your mother’s side of the family. However, the most current research shows that it can be inherited through either parent. This means having one parent with hair loss increases the possibility up to 50% and having both parents with hair loss increases the chance up to 80%.

Although you may have inherited the genes for hair loss, the severity of the hair loss can differ depending on life style and care. The main reasons why hair loss is seen in young generations these days are changes in diet, imbalanced life styles and stress from competitive work environments.

In young women, hair loss can be caused by genes, endocrine issues, stress, poor nutrition from improper diet, to name a few.

Everyone has different causes of hair loss and different scalp conditions. When hair loss is increasing it is best to find a professional and receive a proper diagnosis. If it requires treatment you should start it as soon as possible. Timing is key, and the earlier you act, the better and faster results you will see.

Yours truly,
June Noh

Thomas Noh