Alopecia in Young Women

In recent trends, it is commonly seen that more young females are suffering from hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is caused by congenital issues such as your genetic makeup and postnatal issues such as daily habits, illnesses, improper diet, postpartum depression, and hormonal imbalances.

In addition to this, what else has contributed to the increase in the number of young females with hair loss? There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, there is the increase in female social participation. With such increase in social participation young women are encountering more stress at work and society than before. Secondly, improper dieting to lose weight and nutrient deficiency can lead to hair loss. Thirdly, excessive use of stimulating hair products and perms done can deteriorate the scalp condition and cause seborrheic alopecia.

How can you prevent and treat the condition? As you can expect, good diet and enough sleep with a regular diet will get you ready for a good start. However, to improve the condition, you need special care. In the case where you have weakened hair follicles you will need to restore the follicle so that it can produce healthy hairs again. Proper diagnosis is needed first, then the appropriate treatments should be recommended according to the diagnosis.

At home, there are several ways to prevent hair loss. You can massage your scalp, properly wash yourhair, do stretching exercises, and soak in the tub which can improve overall circulation. Since hair grows most around midnight it is important to get enough sleep as well as to sleep early at night. When you shampoo use your finger tips rather than your nails which can damage the scalp. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and finish with the cold setting on your blow dryer instead of the hot setting. It can increase the chance of bacterial growth if you leave the scalp wet and damp.

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