Bad Habits that Cause Hair Loss

Known for its notorious influences cigarette is also harmful for hair growth. First of all it causes blood circulatory disturbance, especially for the capillaries which are the most affected. It also causes vitamin deficiency while increasing harmful hormones for hair growth such as DHT which is most closely related to hair loss.

Smoking is an acting of inhaling smokes of burning dry leaves. In Oriental medicine’s perspective such an act dries up the body’s fluids and creates imbalances in body heat. Smoking directly breaks the balance of lung function and accelerates heat type alopecia.

Night Time snacks & late night sleep
Night time should be reserved for the recuperation of the body’s organs after long working hours. Sleep is an essential period for repairing and recovering damaged parts and functions. This process applies to the hair cells as well and therefore good sleep is very important. It is recommended that you sleep in a dark and quiet environment. Melatonin, which is a hormone related to the immune system and the circadian rhythms of several biological functions, reacts to light sensitivity and its secretion decreases when it is bright. Sleep should be at least 7~8 hours and remember, lack of sleep can worsen the hair loss.

Try not to consume anything except water 3 hours prior to going to bed. Even snacks or fruit are not recommended. Late-night eating puts a burden on your stomach and prevents the body from resting. The body needs time to rest and recover fully.

Coffee is one of the most popular and enjoyed drink nowadays. A cup of coffee can help refresh the body and wake the body but it can have a stimulating effect on humans because of its caffeine content. Excessive caffeine can interfere with stomach functions and block iron absorption. Caffeine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and excessive doses can hinder blood circulation in the extremities. Its diuretic effect can cause dryness in the skin and hair. Try to limit the intake of caffeine. If you must have caffeine.

Drinking alcohol temporarily warms the body and flushes the face. It is like adding gasoline to the body each time you drink and repetitive drinking can lead to an increase of body temperature and cause heat type hair loss. Alcohol gives a burden to the liver and the liver focuses on breaking down the alcohol rather than focusing on producing the essential proteins for hair growth. A week of resting is recommended for full recovery of liver function after alcohol consumption. Alcohol’s diuretic effect can cause dryness in the skin and hair as well, similar to caffeine.

Eating Cold foods/Fluids
People with hair loss tend to enjoy cold drinks. This is due to rising body temperature especially in the upper body. Drinking cold water can quench your thirst at the moment but once it reaches the gastrointestinal tract you will soon hear the borborygmus and feel discomfort in the stomach. Cold drinks and foods can hinder blood circulation in the stomach causing indigestion as well as imbalances in body heat. It is recommended that you drink only warm water even in the hot summer days.

Thomas Noh