Bad Habits that Cause Hair Loss Part 2

Weight training
If you suffer from hair loss, stay away from taking too much chicken and excessive work out. Furthermore, if your work out is focused on the upper body then it can accelerate the hair loss by putting more blood circulation to the upper body and heating up the head because blood not only provides nutrients but also heat. Chicken has warm property itself so taking too much chicken can accelerate heat type hair loss which is the most common alopecia type. If you want to exercise it is recommended to work on lower body. It provides blood circulation to the lower body and also it is better for the overall circulation balance.

Stress can directly harm the body. Stress stimulates sympathetic nervous system and cause poor circulation in the capillaries. It not only affects systemic blood circulation but also in the scalp and hinders nutrient supply to the hair follicles. How can you stay away from stress? It is not easy to stay away from it but having positive mind can help ease the mind or how about having some hobby. Nothing can do better doing something you like to relieve the stress. Light exercise can help ease the mind and relieve the stress indirectly. In addition it has benefit of releasing endorphins into the brain, which improves your mood. It also prevents obesity and other health problems, giving you less to be stressed about. If something bothers you in the head a lighthow about a light jogging or going for a stroll?

Irregular diet
Irregular diet and fasting can break the balance and lead to hair loss. Especially fasting to lose weight can cause deficiency in essential proteins and other nutrients leading to thinning of hair and weakening of hair follicle. Food is very essential part improving hair follicle and hair condition. Following food can help prevent hair loss; Seaweed, lentils, nut products such as walnut and pine nut provide essential nutrients to hair follicle while meat and fatty food can increase turbidity in the blood as well as male hormone and body heat It is recommended to take proteins from fish or vegetables rather than meat..

Most of the commercial shampoo contains surfactants and thereby harmful for the scalp condition. It is important to know your scalp type and use natural shampoo products. Some says soap is better than shampoo but soap has alkaline property which can affect the ph balance of scalp which is slightly acidic. Soap is harder to wash out and it is common to leave residues even after the rinse. It can block the pores and lead to excessive oil secretion in the scalp and further cause hair loss. In the other hand shampoo is slight acidic and more suitable for ph balance in the scalp. However pay more attention rinsing thoroughly. If rinsing is not done properly it can cause dandruff and other unhealthy hair conditions. Finish rinse with cold water make pore tighter and give more elasticity to the hair.

Thomas Noh