At Home Treatment Kit (Regular)

At Home Treatment Kit (Regular)


Personalized weekly at-home hair loss treatment/ daily at-home scalp care


Hair loss clinic DAMO provides personalized suggested changes in lifestyle and a treatment solution for each patient as a result, we were able to provide great hair loss treatment results for our patients who span over 15 different nationalities. 

Due to high demand from outside the US, we have developed an at-home hair loss treatment/ daily scalp care kit so that patients can perform hair clinic DAMO’s treatment in their own homes. We truly hope that our patients can regain so much more than just hair as a result in their lives.

How to start? it is quite simple!   (Hair loss analysis/ customized solution and starter kit)

1. Purchase "starter kit via DAMO webpage
2. Complete online Questionaire. 
Click online Questionaire below,


if those links above are not working, please copy and paste the links below. for English  for korean

3. 12 pictures to DAMO (Email to :
4. DAMO will make personalized treatment solution treatment Kit and a instruction and a manual of suggested lifestyle changes
  *Patients need to send DAMO 12 pictures of his/her condition every month to update the treatment solution

Korean customers:

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