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It is  5ml bottle of liquid solution to add into MINOXIDIL 

Minoxidil Withdrawal widely known as below;

Minoxidil can bring hair volume due to increased blood supply through the  enlarged vein but when you stop using Minoxidil products the hair growth process goes reversed and massive shedding is pretty much expected.

Minoxidil is relying on increasing blood supply however if we add more supply together like various botanicals and hair growth factors, we can drastically decrease the chance of Minoxidil Withdrawal moreover we can maximize the function of Minoxidil.

Here is the solution to this!

MinoxBooster is simple add on solution to pour into Minoxidil.


To maximize the function of Minoxidil

To prevent the Shedding from Minoxidil Withdrawal 

Through Multi-nutrition supply to hair follicles and various cooling agents.

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